Let Your Dogs Train Flexibly

Some dogs learn fast while others take a little while longer. The same holds true for their owners. What better way to make the experience more worthwhile than by letting both dog and master go through every step of the process at their own respective paces.

At Peaceful Paws Dog Training in Grawn, Michigan, we offer flexible training schedules. These sessions are called levels training. Visit us today to learn more. We’d be delighted to enlighten you about our approach.

Unlimited Training Sessions

With a levels membership, you can bring your dog in for drop-in classes as often as you like and for as long as you'd like. Let your fine furry friend get as much or as little training as needed, based on your own expectations for your dog.

Four Levels to Move Up Through

Some dogs get trained as often as thrice a week and may move through all four levels of training or elect to stay at a lower level. To know when each level is available or to sign up, contact us.

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